How to Replace the Filter in a Rheem Air Handler Unit

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Things You'll Need

  • Rheem Air Handler Unit

  • Flat-head screw driver

  • Soap and water or vaccuum


Clean air filters prevent clogging the fins on the coils and promotes more energy efficient usage. There are different types of filters for the air handler unit. I use the mesh filter. Check your Owner's Manual for instructions on how to care for and replace your filters.

Rheem Air Handler Unit

For energy efficiency and safety reasons, homeowners should replace the filter in their Rheem air handler unit. I'll show you where it is located and how easy it is to change.


Step 1

Check basement for unit

Locate Rheem air handler unit.

The air handler unit will probably be in the basement, garage or some lower level room of the house.


Step 2

Locate and remove screws.

Using a flat head screwdriver, loosen and remove the screws securing the lower lid of the unit.

Step 3

Pull filter out.

Remove the lid. Reach inside and pull the filter out.


Step 4

Let dry after washing.

Wash and clean the filter with soap and water. Let dry. You can also vacuum the filter and replace it immediately.

Step 5

Turn nodule donward.

Replace the filter.


Turn the filter with the side nodules pointing downward. Re-insert in lower opening of the Rheem air handling unit. Replace the bolts and tighten with screwdriver.

Step 6

Mark the calendar and make arrangements to clean within 30 days.