How to Clean a Kenmore Dryer Vent System

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Your Kenmore dryer has a venting system responsible for carrying the hot and moisture-laden air from the drying cycle out of the machine. It's this removal of the moisture that makes clothes dry faster. When the system is clogged with lint and fiber from clothing, the clothes take longer to dry. Cleaning the system regularly protects your dryer from wear and tear and speeds up drying times, which saves electricity.


Step 1

Turn off the dryer by turning the operating switch on the top panel of the machine to the off position. Pull the dryer out from the wall and unplug the machine.

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Step 2

Locate the lint guard opening door, which on most Kenmore dryers is located along the top of the machine near the back, beside the panel. Open the guard door and pull the lint guard out of the machine.


Step 3

Peel off the lint from the guard and toss it in the trash. The lint should come off in one big strip. If not, scrape it off with your fingers. Replace the guard and close the guard door.

Step 4

Locate the vent system cover -- a long, rectangular shaped panel on the front of the machine -- and remove this by unsnapping it from the housing or by pulling it down and away from the machine. If there are retaining screws holding it in place, remove them first.


Step 5

Remove all lint from inside of the machine by vacuum. Carefully run the vacuum around the inside of the machine. Place the panel back on the dryer and screw it back into place if necessary. Plug the dryer in and slide it back into place.



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