How to Anchor a Metal Carport Into Dirt

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Metal carports are one way to protect your vehicle from the weather. Installing a metal carport without a foundation still requires some anchoring to prevent the unit from overturning in high winds. Most manufacturers include ground anchors for anchoring the carport in dirt. Earth-drive anchors also are available at home improvement centers. Earth-drive anchors have 2-inch ribs around the diameter of the anchor shaft. These ribs keep the anchor from pulling up out of the dirt during high winds.


Step 1

Search for the holes for the anchors in the base rail. The base rail is on each side of the carport and is flat on the ground. Most manufacturers place four holes on each side of the carport for anchoring.

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Step 2

Drill out each hole with a hole saw and drill to accommodate the spines on the earth drive anchor, if anchors were not supplied with the carport. Use a hole saw the same diameter as the lower portion of the anchor.


Step 3

Insert the anchor through the top of the hole and rest the end against the ground. If using the 30-inch earth-drive anchors, ask a friend to hold the anchor straight.

Step 4

Hit the top of the anchor with a sledgehammer to drive the anchor into the ground. Continue driving the anchor into the ground until the bottom of the head is resting snugly on top of the base rail.

Step 5

Repeat the process for all anchoring points in the base rail.

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