Removing a doorknob so that it can be replaced is usually a simple job that does not require extensive do-it-yourself experience. However, like many jobs around the home, a small variation from the norm can mean lots of frustration and lost time as you try and figure out how to accomplish the task. Avoid this situation by learning a method for removing a doorknob that has no visible screws.

Step 1

Inspect the doorknob carefully, looking for a small catch that will allow you to slide the doorknob off. The catch will look like a small slit, and it will be in the area where the knob or the rose meets the door. (The rose is the round part of the knob assembly that sits flush against the door.)

Step 2

Insert the end of very small flat-head screwdriver into the catch, and press in toward the doorknob assembly. As you are doing this, pull on the doorknob with your other hand, and it will slide off. The knob on the other side of the door will still be attached.

Step 3

Remove the rose by twisting it and pulling it toward you. Sometimes it will stick to the door because of a past staining or paint job. In that case, wedge the end of the screwdriver between the rose and the door, and pry it away.

Step 4

Go to the other side of the door, and simply slide that knob off by pulling it away from the door.

Step 5

Remove doorknobs that turn out to have screws hidden under the rose by first taking out the screws, and then pulling out the doorknob assembly from the exterior side of the door.