How to Reset a Lutron Maestro

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The Lutron Maestro is an advanced dimmer switch that allows you to program custom dimmer functions for your light. The Maestro takes the place of your standard "On-Off" light switch. By pushing the dimmer switch button repeatedly, you can toggle between "On," "Off" and the various brightness settings. You can also custom program the system. If you've programmed custom functions, and you decide you want to restore the dimmer to its factory settings, you can do so in only a few minutes. When the dimmer is reset, the "On" and "Off" fade time will be reset to three seconds.


Step 1

Inspect the dimmer switch panel. The large rectangular button in the center is the dimmer switch button. Look beneath it to find the air gap switch. Pull the air gap switch downward to turn it off.

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Step 2

Push and hold the dimmer switch. While holding it, push the air gap switch back upward to turn it back on.

Step 3

Continue to hold the dimmer switch for 15 seconds. When the light flickers, and then slowly brightens, the Lutron Maestro is reset to the factory settings.



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