How to Remove the Drawers From a Snap-On Toolbox With Ball Bearing Slides

Many professional and home mechanics choose Snap-On toolboxes to store their tools. Snap-On now uses ball bearing slides for the toolboxes that prevent the drawer from falling out of the box while maintaining a smooth operation. Occasionally, though, tools fall behind the drawers requiring drawer removal to grab the tool. Removing the drawers from a Snap-On toolbox with ball bearing slides is literally a snap compared to other types of toolbox drawers.

Step 1

Open the Snap-On toolbox drawer and remove the tools from the drawer. Fully extend the drawer until you see the clip tabs on each outer slide.

Step 2

Press the end of the clip tab up on one side with a flat-head screwdriver and pull the drawer until the inner slide stop is past the clip.

Step 3

Repeat for the other side of the drawer and slide the drawer out of the toolbox.