How to Remove Concrete Splatter From Vinyl Siding

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Concrete splatter on your vinyl-sided home or business is an unsightly scenario to contend with. The obvious solution to removing the spattered-on cement is to wash it off the vinyl siding before it has a chance to fully harden. While cleaning the cement off your vinyl siding as soon as possible is ideal, it may be impossible if the area near the afflicted area is surrounded by wet concrete. The next best solution is to use specially formulated chemicals or home remedies to clean off the splatter without damaging your siding.


Step 1

Chip away small chunks of concrete from your siding with a putty knife. For areas with a large amount of splatter, using a putty knife may not be feasible. For siding that has a porous or faux wood grain, spray the affected area liberally with white vinegar to soften the concrete while scrubbing it away with a stiff-bristled brush. Rinse the siding off thoroughly with water after using the scrub brush to clean off any remaining residue.


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Step 2

Mix one part water and one part sugar and apply it to thick concrete splatters. Let the sugar water eat away and soften the concrete before scrubbing the area with a stiff brush. Rinse the area off with water and repeat the sugar solution, if necessary.

Step 3

Apply heavy-duty concrete dissolver to particularly stubborn splatter areas. The commercially available concrete dissolver is biodegradable and will not harm your vinyl siding. Follow the directions on the product in order to see the best cleaning results.



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