How to Change the Battery on a Totaline Digital Thermostat

Totaline manufactures battery-powered digital thermostats as well as wired battery backup models. You change the batteries in any Totaline digital thermostat as soon as you see a low battery alert on the screen. Totaline also recommends battery replacement at least once a year before the start of cold weather to reduce the risk of loss of life or other harm caused from low-battery thermostat shutdown. To access the batteries, you will either remove a front panel from the unit or pull the entire unit from the wall. Typically, you can access and change the batteries within about 10 minutes.

Battery-Powered Thermostats

Step 1

Look for two slots on top of your Totaline battery-powered digital thermostat and then find a flathead screwdriver in your set with a head slightly smaller than the slots.

Step 2

Stand directly in front of the unit and insert the head of the screwdriver into a slot. Turn the screwdriver handle toward the front to unsnap the top of the front panel and pull that side away from the back of the unit.

Step 3

Insert the screwdriver into the second slot and repeat the process to unsnap the other side. Lift the panel up to remove it from the unit and then set it to the side.

Step 4

Check the direction of the positive and negative terminals of the batteries, and then pull and dispose the batteries.

Step 5

Insert your new AA batteries with the positive and negative ends, matching the alignment of the batteries you pulled. When finished, slide the bottom of the panel into the bottom of the back of the unit. Push the top against the back until the panel snaps in place.

Backup Battery Thermostats

Step 6

Stand directly in front of your Totaline digital thermostat and grasp the sides of the unit.

Step 7

Pull the unit toward you gently to unlock it from the wall plate. If you have difficulty, try pulling the thermostat away from the bottom and then the top.

Step 8

Turn your thermostat over to the back. Locate the batteries.

Step 9

Check the battery type and the direction of the positive and negative terminals, and then remove the batteries. Set the batteries aside for disposal.

Step 10

Insert fresh batteries with the batteries aligned in the same way as the previous ones. When finished, reattach the unit to the wall plate.