How to Touch Up Cabinet Paint

No matter how careful you are, all painted cabinets are eventually going to show some wear and tear. Kids bump into them; you drop things. Doors and drawers get banged and bumped. Chips and scratches are inevitable, but don't worry. Follow these simple steps and your cabinets will be looking brand new again in no time.

Step 1

Clean the cabinets with TSP or Simple Green, and wipe them dry.

Step 2

Sand the edges of any scratches or chips so that they are smooth.

Step 3

Use the craft sticks to apply the wood filler on any scratches and chips too deep to be covered with paint alone.

Step 4

Sand the wood filler until it is smooth and perfectly flush with the cabinet surface.

Step 5

Wipe away the sanding dust.

Step 6

Apply the primer to the wood filler and the area immediately surrounding it.

Step 7

Paint the repaired area, and let the paint dry thoroughly.

Step 8

Apply a second coat of paint if needed.

Brynne Chandler

Brynne Chandler

Brynne Chandler built her first bookcase at eight years old, which is also right around the time she started writing. An avid crafter, decorator and do-it-yourselfer, Brynne has remodeled several homes including one cantilevered on a cliff and one that belonged to Olympic swimmer and actor Buster Crabbe. Best known for her EMMY-nominated TV animation writing, she has been writing non-fiction content for almost a decade and has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Houston Chronicle online, among other places.