How to Insert a Drill Bit Into Ryobi

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Ryobi's range of drills include 18 Volt cordless models with clutch override for quick changes from drilling to driving. The drills can be used to penetrate wood, plastic, metal and masonry, amongst other materials. They can have a drive mode for screws and a hammer mode for masonry. Some of the drills have multiple speed transmission and a twenty-four position clutch for high torque.

Step 1

Lock the trigger switch. This will stop the drill inadvertently starting. Place the direction of rotation switch in the center position.


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Step 2

Select your drill bit.

Step 3

Twist the chuck so that the opening is just a bit larger than the bit size you'd like to use. Tilt the drill up a little so the bit doesn't fall out.

Step 4

Slide the drill bit into the chuck. Make sure it doesn't slip between the teeth of the jaw and end up at an angle which could cause the bit to get ejected once the drill is operating.

Step 5

Rotate the chuck clockwise and tighten it on the bit. The chuck is marked with an arrow and the label "Lock."



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