How to Remove a Water Well Cap

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Access to your well pump, electrical lines and pipes is through the well cap or well seal. Each of these covers the top of your fresh water well. Well seals have gaskets that only professionals should remove. Well caps on the other hand usually have no gaskets and are usually on wells that are 2 feet above flood level. When removing the water well cap it is a good idea to wear rubber soled shoes to avoid accidental electrical shock from power remaining in the wires.


Step 1

Turn off the power to the well pump. Most well pumps have a separate circuit breaker box.

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Step 2

Remove the bolts on the outside perimeter of the well cap with a socket wrench. Some well caps use set screws that you remove with a nut driver.

Step 3

Grasp the well cap on two sides with your hands and lift it straight up without causing stress on any of the electrical wires. Move the well cap to the side of the well, being careful not to disconnect any pump wires in the process.



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