How to Take Down Curved Shower Curtain Rods

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Curved shower rods look and install almost exactly like a traditional shower rod, but arc out away from the tub enclosure. This provides additional space inside the shower to accommodate bathers. While curved shower rods offer many benefits, you may decide that it's time for a change. Removing a curved shower rod is a straightforward process. However, the wall will require repairs where the screws and mounting hardware detach and leave holes.


Step 1

Gather the shower curtain together at one side of the enclosure and detach the hooks from the curved curtain rod. Some hooks simply lit off, while others require that you open a clasp first.

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Step 2

Look at the wall locations where the rod attaches and pull the round cover away from the wall to access the mounting brackets.


Step 3

Examine the mounting bracket on the left side of the shower enclosure and remove each of the screws from it using a power drill. Grasp the shower rod and the bracket and push them up along the wall until they both are free. Some curved rods have a telescoping action so you can simply slide them back on themselves to detach them from the wall.

Step 4

Pull the shower rod out of the opposite mounting bracket and set it aside.


Step 5

Remove the opposite mounting bracket from the wall by removing the screws using the screwdriver.

Step 6

Insert a flat head screwdriver behind the exposed flat portion of the drywall anchors and pry outward to remove them. If they do not come loose, simply place the tip of the screwdriver into the center of the anchors and tap the screwdriver with a hammer to force the anchor inside the wall cavity. If the screws were inserted into a stud, you will not have wall anchors.


Step 7

Remove the top from a container of joint compound and scoop up a dime-sized amount using a putty knife. Spread the compound over the screw holes until they are no longer visible.

Step 8

Wait until the compound dries and sand it down smooth using a fine-grit piece of sandpaper.



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