How to Install Metal Tile Edging

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Metal tile edging consists of rigid metal strips that are shaped like an "L." They fit under the edge of metal tiles to create a continuous finished edge along the side of the installation area. Although metal edging is typically used with metal tiles, it can also be used with ceramic tile. Installing the metal tile edging is very different from installing other types of tile edging, but is not a complex process.


Step 1

Install the tiles on the desired surface but leave a single row untiled at the edge of the area.

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Step 2

Measure the length of the side of the installation area using a tape measure. Lay a metal edging strip on a flat surface and draw a line on it at the same length measurement using a pencil. Cut the strip off at the proper location using tin snips.


Step 3

Insert a notched trowel into the mortar used to apply the other tiles and scoop up 1/8 cup to 1/4 cup full. Smooth it onto the surface, extending it out only to where it will be covered once you install the final tile row.

Step 4

Pick up the metal edging and turn it so that the side with holes in it faces the installation surface. Move the edging over to the edge of the mortar and press it against the wall. As you do so, the mortar oozes up through the holes.


Step 5

Place a tile immediately onto the wall, making sure it fits flush with the edging and the installed tile beside it.

Step 6

Wipe off any mortar that oozed out of the sides of the tile or the edging using a damp cloth.

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