A Hunter ceiling fan adds beauty to any room. The fan helps cool a room in the summer and keeps a room warmer in the winter. This versatile fan significantly improves the efficiency of your heating and cooling devices and will reduce your energy bills. When installing a Hunter ceiling fan, follow the manufacturer's directions carefully. After installation, your Hunter ceiling fan may require a few adjustments to ensure maximum operation.

Problem: Fan Does Not Move

Step 1

Turn the house power on. Check the house fuse, and replace if necessary or reset the circuit breaker.

Step 2

Loosen the fan canopy, and check all connections. Refer to the fan wiring section of the installation guide.

Step 3

Inspect the plug connection in the switch housing.

Step 4

Push motor reversing switch firmly up or down. Make sure the switch is engaged.

Step 5

Remove any remaining shipping packaging.

Problem: Fan Operates Noisily

Step 6

Check the blade bracket screws, and tighten if needed.

Step 7

Check the blade screws, and tighten if needed.

Step 8

Check the blades, and if any are cracked, replace all of them.

Step 9

Ensure the light fixture glass is secure, and tighten the screws if needed.

Step 10

Check screws in the switch housing mounting plate, upper switch housing and lower switch housing, and tighten if needed.

Problem: Fan Wobbles

Step 11

Tighten the blade screws.

Step 12

Install a balancing kit if the fan wobbles too much during operation. A balancing kit is included in the fan packaging. Follow separate instructions enclosed in the balancing kit.

Step 13

Turn off the house power, and check that the fan hanger ball is seated properly in the canopy.

Problem: Using the Remote, None of the Fan Functions Will Work

Step 14

Ensure that wall switch is turned on.

Step 15

Make sure that the transmitter and receiver are set to the same jumper switch setting.

Step 16

Replace the battery in the remote.

Problem: Using Remote, Fan Functions Work Inconsistently

Step 17

Turn off wall switch for 5 to 10 seconds. Turn it back on.

Step 18

Check that the remote battery is installed properly.

Step 19

Change both transmitter and receiver jumper switch settings. The code should be the same for both the transmitter and receiver.