The Best Way to Cut a Countertop Without Chipping It

A few different home improvement projects might require you to cut your countertop. For example, when you install a sink in your kitchen or bathroom, you need to cut a hole in the countertop that is the same size as the sink. When cutting a countertop, you want to take care to avoid chipping or otherwise damaging the surface. A chipped countertop can be a huge headache and very difficult to repair.

Installing a sink requires a hole cut in the countertop.

Step 1

Lay masking tape around the general area where the hole needs to be cut in the countertop.

Step 2

Mark the location where you plan to cut the countertop with a pencil over the masking tape.

Step 3

Measure a diagonal line inward from each corner of where you intend to cut the countertop. Place a piece of masking tape on this area and mark an "X" about 1 1/2 inches from the corner.

Step 4

Drill circular holes at the location of each "X" you marked. Depending on the type of countertop material, you may need to use a powerful electric drill. The larger the hole, the easier it is to cut the countertop.

Step 5

Flip the countertop upside down if possible, or make the cut from underneath if it cannot be moved.

Step 6

Start cutting with a jigsaw at the location of one of the holes you drilled. Use an upstroke while cutting.

Step 7

Continue cutting around the countertops until you have completed all the cuts you need to make.