Lubricating Bearings on Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

Hampton Bay ceiling fans can work for you all year. In the warmer months, they help cool the room, while in the winter they can be reversed to push the warm air that rises to the ceiling back down into your living space. Each function makes life more comfortable and lowers overall utility costs. However, after daily use over long stretches of time, the fan's bearings will needs some maintenance and lubrication.

Lubricate the bearings on a ceiling fan to ensure smooth operation.

Step 1

Spray in oil cleaner in the oil hole at the top of the fan's motor; the hole is labeled "oil." Spray the lubricant into the oil hole for a count of three, using the spray attachment. Wait two hours for the cleaner to work.

Step 2

Lubricate the fan's motor. Now that the old oil has been cleaned out, fill the oil reserve with 1 oz. of 10-weight motor oil.

Step 3

Rotate the fan blades. Manually spin the fan blades for three or four revolutions to allow the motor oil to completely penetrate.

Step 4

Fill the reserve completely. Check the oil hole. If the oil reserve is not full, continue to add oil slowly until it overflows. Wipe excess oil off the top of the motor with a towel. Rotate the blades three more times.