How to Remove a Stuck Ceiling Fixture Globe

Replacing a light bulb in a ceiling fixture requires removing the globe from the fixture to access the bulb. Ceiling fixture globes secure to the fixture either by separate screws along the outside edge of the fixture or by screwing directly into it. Often a globe may feel stuck when you initially attempt to remove it from the fixture. This is most often due to simple settling since the globe does not require much movement. Grease, dust and grime can adhere the globe to the fixture. Removing a stuck ceiling fixture globe involves finding that one spot where the globe feels free of the fixture before you attempt to remove it.

A bulb in a lighting fixture with a globe on it can be more difficult to replace than one in a hanging fixture.

Step 1

Place a step stool under the fixture so that you can reach it comfortably. Look at the fixture globe to find out if it has screws securing it to the fixture or if it screws into the fixture.

Step 2

Push up slightly on the globe and find the point where the globe feels loose. This is the midpoint between the globe resting on the fixture and the top of the globe touching the upper rim of the fixture. If the globe screws into the fixture, turn it counterclockwise with both hands once you find the midpoint.

Step 3

Apply liquid dish soap to an old toothbrush and brush the seam between the globe and fixture with the toothbrush, if you have a screw-on globe that is stuck. Push the globe up and down slowly to work the dish soap into the threads of the globe. Find the midpoint and turn the globe counterclockwise. Gently lower the globe away from the fixture.

Step 4

Turn the screws securing the globe counterclockwise with your fingers while holding the globe at the midpoint position. If necessary, use a pair of pliers to loosen the screws if they seem difficult to turn by hand.

Step 5

Loosen all three screws, if your globe uses the screws. Carefully lower the globe away from the fixture.

Kenneth Crawford

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