How to Repair a GE Garbage Disposal

A broken GE garbage disposal means a dirty kitchen and smelly garbage in the trash can, but you can remedy this problem with your garbage disposal in one of two ways. Either hire a professional, who will charge you money, or do it yourself and keep your cash. In most cases, you can fix a garbage disposal without having to replace any parts. Garbage disposals will always be problematic and learning to fix your GE garbage disposal is something that will save you money in the future.

A working garbage disposal helps keep your sink clean.

The Disposal Makes a Humming Sound but the Blades Do Not Turn

Step 1

Turn your GE garbage disposal power switch off. A garbage disposal makes a humming sound without turning the blades because the blades are jammed. You will need to unjam the blades, so it's important that the disposal switch is turned off.

Step 2

Unplug the cord to the garbage disposal from the electrical outlet under the sink. This will prevent the disposal from turning on if the garbage disposal switch is bumped.

Step 3

Put your hand in the drain and feel around to see if you can remove whatever is jamming the blades. If you are not comfortable with putting your hand into the disposal, GE recommends that you use long-handled tongs instead. If you are not able to remove anything by hand or with the tongs, continue to step 4.

Step 4

Fit a socket over the nut that is in the drain on top of the blades. Use an extender attachment to attach the socket to the socket wrench. The extender attachment will allow the socket to reach down the drain while allowing you to turn the wrench in the sink.

Step 5

Turn the socket to move the blades. Don't turn too hard, just try to finesse it. Turn the wrench in one direction, and if that doesn't work, turn the socket wrench the other direction. This will loosen whatever is lodged in the blades of the garbage disposal.

Step 6

Fit your hand, or the tongs, into the drain to pull out whatever was jamming the blades.

The Disposal Blades Will Not Move or Make a Sound When It’s Switched On

Step 1

Turn the garbage disposal switch off for safety.

Step 2

Make sure the power plug is plugged into the electrical outlet. When the disposal blades will not move or make a sound, the problem is electrical, so the first place to start is the electrical cord. If this is not the problem, continue on to the next step.

Step 3

Press the breaker on the garbage disposal. The breaker is a button located at the bottom your GE garbage disposal. It is a safety device that will not allow power to flow through the disposal in the case of overheating and power surges to avoid fire and damage to the garbage disposal.

J. Anthony Cooley

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