How to Varnish Tiles

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You love your kitchen floor because of the real tiles laid on it. You like the color, but you like the color even better when the tiles are wet, and they look more vibrant. But read below for some other ways to add some shine to your ceramic or slate floor.

How to Varnish Tiles

Step 1

Don't paint anything onto your tiles. The paint won't dry for weeks, and then it will just bubble and flake off.


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Step 2

If your floor has slate tile and not ceramic, you can try using a tile seal available at your local tile distributor.

Step 3

Try Klear Floor Polish, available at most hardware stores and grocery stores. This may add a little shine.

Step 4

If you have ceramic tile, you can have a professional come in and scarify (sand down) your tiles to roughen them, and finish with a sealer. The drawback to this is it destroys the hardness of your ceramic, and makes them an easier target for stains and cracks.

Step 5

Consider re-tiling on top of the current tiles.



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