How to Get Dry Primer Off of Laminate Wood Floor

Many homeowners install laminate flooring for its durability and easy-to-clean surface. Laminate flooring is a fiberboard-core floor material with a decorative melamine covering, finished with a wear and stain resistant clear layer. Applying primer to a wall is a necessary step when beginning a painting project. Drips, spills and splatters can land on an unprotected wood laminate floor. Due to the nature of the protective, non-porous top layer, primer has a difficult time bonding.

Laminate floors offer the look of real wood.

Step 1

Dampen a nylon scrubbing pad with water. Scrub the dry primer stain. Wipe the surface often with a dry rag to pick up bits and primer and moisture. Continue to scrub the primer stain with the nylon scrubbing-pad and wipe with a rag until the primer stain disappears.

Step 2

Pour enough baby oil over the primer to cover it. Let the oil sits for 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub the stain with a nylon scrubbing-pad until the stain disappears. Wipe up the baby oil with a rag. Sprinkle flour over the baby oil to absorb the oily residue. Sweep up the flour and wipe the floor with a damp rag.

Step 3

Scrape the dried primer away with a plastic scraper until you remove all of the primer. Avoid using metal scrapers as they can gouge and scratch the laminate floor surface and leave behind permanent damage.

Step 4

Dip the corner of a soft rag into acetone. Rub the primer stain with the acetone until the primer stain is no longer visible. Dip various parts of the rag into the acetone and scrub the stain to avoid redistributing the primer. Moisten a clean rag with water and wipe the spot to remove acetone residue.

Step 5

Apply a light coat of denatured alcohol over the dry primer stain with a paintbrush. Let the denatured alcohol remain on the primer stain for three to five minutes. Rub the primer stain with a soft cloth until all of the primer comes off the laminate floor.

Sal Marco

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