How to Remove Dents From Vinyl Cushioned Flooring

You've finished cleaning behind the refrigerator and as you step back to admire your work you cringe in dismay: there's a very noticeable dent in the cushioned vinyl flooring where the fridge sat. Before you make that panic call to the flooring store, take a deep breath and relax. Its not too complicated to remove a dent from a cushioned vinyl floor; all you need is a couple of common household items and a dose of patience.

Cushioned Vinyl Flooring

Step 1

Preheat the iron for five minutes on the "cotton" setting.

Step 2

Clean the dent with a paper towel and household spray cleaner to be sure there are no dirt or grease particles in the dented area.

Step 3

Wet a dishtowel until it is saturated but not dripping; lay the towel over the dented area of your cushioned vinyl flooring.

Step 4

Hold the hot iron one inch above the towel and move it around the dented area in a circular motion for three minutes.

Step 5

Check the dent; if a potion is still visible repeat the process.