How to Cut Aluminum Gutters

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Things You'll Need

  • Aluminum gutter

  • Worktable

  • Tape measure

  • Carpenter's pencil

  • Combination square

  • Pattern shear

  • Fine-tooth file


Avoid using a power miter box to cut aluminum gutter, as the debris flying from the saw blade can cause serious injury.

Aluminum gutters direct rainwater away from your home's foundation.

Aluminum gutters direct rainwater flowing off the roof of your house to the ground or wastewater drain. The installation of the aluminum gutter is important to ensure that the water flows correctly. An important part of the aluminum gutter is cutting the pieces of gutter to length. Although there are many methods of cutting the aluminum gutter, the simplest method is to use pattern shears. Pattern shears are tin snips that have long handles and long narrow jaws that reduce the amount of distortion caused to the cut end of the aluminum gutter.


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Step 1

Place the length of aluminum gutter flat on the worktable, with the top of the aluminum gutter resting on the surface of the worktable.

Step 2

Mark the cut length onto the bottom of the aluminum gutter, which should be facing up with the tape measure and the carpenter's pencil.

Step 3

Extend the cut mark around the aluminum gutter by aligning the blade of the combination square with the length mark you placed on the bottom surface of the aluminum gutter and running the carpenter's pencil along the edge of the combination square blade. Then with the combination square, transfer the line down each side of the aluminum gutter.


Step 4

Flip over the marked aluminum gutter, placing the bottom of the aluminum gutter of the surface of the worktable.

Step 5

Cut along the marked line you placed on the aluminum gutter, starting at the flange turning inward toward the opening of the aluminum gutter. Proceed to cut down along the side of the aluminum gutter, repeat the process to cut down along the other side of the aluminum gutter. Gently bend the aluminum gutter to allow you enough room to cut across the bottom of the aluminum gutter.

Step 6

Slide the fine-tooth file around the cut end of the aluminum gutter to remove the sharp edge left by the pattern shear to complete the process of cutting the aluminum gutter.



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