Maintaining clean water is a combination of applying the right chemicals and having a functioning pool filter. Hayward pool filters can efficiently maintain clean pool water as long as it is running properly. If you run into a problem with your Hayward pool pump or filter, there are a few troubleshooting techniques to apply. Most often it takes just one or two of these techniques to fix the problem of a malfunctioning Hayward pool filter.

Step 1

Tighten all hose connections to the pump and filter. Before troubleshooting the Hayward filter or pump, make sure it is properly connected. Dripping hoses can cause air to get into the system. Filters operate in a vacuum environment and air in the system will cause it to malfunction.

Step 2

Check the filter pressure gauge. When troubleshooting a Hayward pool pump pressure gauge is a good indicator gives a good indication of a problem is. If the pressure gauge is running high and the return flow of water to the pool is low, then you know to isolate the problem to either in the water entering the pool filter or the pool filter itself.

Step 3

Look into the skimmer basket for debris. If the problem is the water entering the Hayward pump then open the skimmer lid, pull out the basket and dump any debris sitting in the basket.

Step 4

Remove debris from the pool pump basket. Turn off the Hayward filter, open the pump basket lid, remove the basket and dump all of the debris. After you replace the pump basket and lit, run the pool filter to see if that solves the problem.

Step 5

Clean the impeller. The Hayward impeller is located in the tube just beyond the pump basket. Turn off the motor, open the lid for the pump basket, reach down the tube just beyond the pump basket and feel for the impeller. If you feel leaves, debris, or dirt clogging the impeller pull it out. Replace the lid turn on the filter and see if the pressure gauge returns to a normal range.

Step 6

Regenerate or backwash your Hayward filter. Hayward diatomaceous earth filters are equipped with a handle that when pumped, it regenerates the diatomaceous earth thus allowing it to clean the pool better by repositioning the DE. If you have a sand filter, perform a backwash. Check the manufacturer's instructions on how to perform a backwash on your Hayward sand filter. Once you're done, turn on the filter to see if the problem is resolved.

Step 7

Replace the diatomaceous earth (DE) and clean the filter. For DE filters, if regenerating the diatomaceous earth didn't solve the problem, it's time to drain the filter, open it up, wash the Hayward filter fingers or cartridge (depending on which model filter you have) with a garden hose and then re assemble the filter. Once the filter is up and running, add new diatomaceous earth through the pool skimmer.