How to Open a Brink's Padlock If the Key Is Lost

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Things You'll Need

  • Pick:

  • Short-twist flex tension wrench

  • Slimline short hook

  • Cut:

  • Goggles

  • Work gloves

  • Heavy-duty bolt cutters (24- to 36-inch)


Driving a wedge into the space between the shackle and the bolt to pry a padlock open is a technique used by firefighters because it is fast. However, it often causes damage to the door or cabinet latch. Never use lock-picking equipment to break into property that is not yours.

Once the key of a Brink's padlock has gone missing, you have a couple choices as to how you can get it open. The first option is much more difficult, but it leaves the lock intact in case you someday find the key. This process requires a couple specialty tools and lock-picking skill. The second option requires only one heavy-duty tool, but it destroys the Brink's padlock.


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Picking the Lock

Step 1

Insert the narrow bent end of the short flex tension wrench into the key opening at the base of the Brink's padlock.

Step 2

Slide the slimline short hook all the way into the key opening right next to the tension wrench. Pull the hook out slowly, applying light pressure to the pin side of the key opening. This technique is called raking, and it may unlock some Brink's padlocks.


Step 3

Reinsert the short hook if the padlock stays closed after the pins have been raked. Feel each individual pin with the end of the hook and apply medium pressure to get the pin to snap into place. Most Brink's padlocks have five or six individual pins.

Step 4

Retry the picking techniques over and over until you are able to open the lock. Picking a Brink's padlock may take a few seconds or a few hours depending on the skill level of the individual.


Cutting the Lock

Step 1

Cover your eyes with protective goggles and wear a pair of work gloves to protect your hands. The hard metal shackles on Brink's padlocks take great force to cut, and they often break apart violently when they give way.

Step 2

Twist the Brink's padlock around so you have a clear angle on an exposed section of the shackle.


Step 3

Clamp the shackle of the Brink's padlock between the open shears of the heavy-duty bolt cutters and squeeze them together slowly. Continue applying gradual pressure to the handles of the bolt cutters until the shears cut through the shackle and open the padlock.


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