Trampolines are a source of fun and provide a healthy activity for people of all ages. When a trampoline develops a hole, however, the trampoline can become a danger to use. Knowing when, if and how to repair a hole on a trampoline can save the owner time and money. Most of all, having a trampoline in good shape ensures everyone continues to have fun and—most important—stays safe while jumping.

A hole in a trampoline mat can be dangerous to little feet.

Step 1

Determine if the trampoline has a hole large enough to warrant repair. Holes less than 0.2 inches, such as those created by cigarette burns, can be left alone if the edges are not frayed. Holes under 1 inch in diameter should be self-repaired, and holes larger than an inch should be taken to a trampoline professional for patching. If there is more than one hole, the trampoline mat should be replaced.

Step 2

Obtain a piece of replacement canvas from a trampoline professional or tent repair shop. If sewing by hand, a metal sewing ring may help to place proper tension on the fabric. Use a sewing needle suitable for heavy canvas and heavy thread to stitch around the hole's edges to prevent further fraying. Then stitch the replacement fabric piece underneath the hole, reinforcing the stitching twice.

Step 3

Routinely check the patch for any fraying or fabric stretching. The thread used on the replacement patch should last between two and three years, depending on sun exposure. Replace a trampoline mat if in doubt of the fabric's strength.