How to Troubleshoot Fluorescent Light Fixtures

How to Troubleshoot Fluorescent Light Fixtures. A fluorescent light fixture that is not working or working well can be caused by several problems. Diagnosing which problem you have and how best to tackle it is a fairly simple job that you can do on your own.

Step 1

Verify that the fixture has power by making sure the switch is on and the breaker to the area is not tripped.

Step 2

Look at the bulbs to see if any of the lamps are broken.

Step 3

Replace any lamps that are broken or not lighting. Turn on power to see if the fixture works with the new lamps.

Step 4

Inspect the sockets where the lights plug in for cracks or other visual breaks. Sometimes these break due to heat and could be causing your problem. If you find a broken socket, replace the fixture.

Step 5

Use a circuit tester to check for power at the fixture itself.

Step 6

Change the ballast in the fixture if it's less expensive than simply replacing the fixture. This requires some electrical knowledge, but is a fairly simple job.