Nec Circuit Breaker Box Height Requirements

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The National Electric Code publishes the guidelines for electrical workers in approximately 700 pages of an electrical code guidebook. This code changes on a regular basis and local jurisdiction rules its application.


Circuit Breaker Box

A circuit breaker box is a closed receptacle housing a number of breakers matched with an identification panel. Therefore, the common phrase for this box is a "circuit breaker panel box." The panel box can be either outside or inside the residence at a point nearest the entry of the wire conduit.

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Mounting Height

A height limit applies to mounting a panel box. The circuit breaker at the top of the box may not be higher than 6-foot 7-inches from the floor. A permanent platform must be below the panel box if the top circuit breaker exceeds this specific height.


No defining height is mandated from floor to panel box base. Defer to common sense when placing the panel box. Make it easy to see and read the top circuit breaker and location identifications of the remaining breakers.

Space Specs

The NEC requirements say that electrical equipment must be in an area measuring 30-inches wide and 36-inches deep. Dimensions must be without obstruction from the floor to the ceiling. A clothing closet or a bathroom must not house a circuit breaker box.



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