How to Pull Out a Disconnect Switch

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A disconnect switch is often located on the exterior of a residence near the exterior unit of the central air-conditioning system. A disconnect is an added safeguard to quickly disconnect the electricity from an electrical device rather than disconnect it at the main breaker panel. Some municipalities require the installation of disconnects for water heaters located centrally in the home rather than in the garage. In the event of a water leak from the water heater, you can immediately disconnect the electricity to avoid electrical shock or fire. Know how to pull out a disconnect switch before an emergency happens.


Step 1

Lift or open the door on your disconnect switch housing.

Step 2

Grasp the handle of the disconnect switch and pull the switch out of the housing.

Step 3

Turn the switch upside down and reinstall the switch inside the enclosure. The switch is labeled "Off" and "On." When the switch is upside down, the word "Off" is right side up and the word "On" is upside down. If your switch is not labeled, do not reinstall it.



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