How to Contact LADWP for an Electric Meter Spotter

Whether it is for your home or business, you may need to have a measurement of how much electric power you are using at your location. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power can send out a spotter who can measure your electric usage. Contact them to schedule an appointment.

Step 1

Send an email to the LADWP at Inform them of your request for having a spotter visit the location where you would like to have a measurement taken. Include the dates and times that best fit your schedule, along with your contact information. Offer a few different dates and times to reduce the chances of the LADWP not having an appointment available for you.

Step 2

Call the LADWP at 1-800-342-5397. Speak with a customer service representative and inform them that you would like to have a spotter visit your location to take an electric usage measurement. The customer service representative will be able to supply you with available dates and times.

Step 3

You may send a letter to LADWP to inquire about setting up an appointment. However, sending by post will take longer for a response, so do not use this method if you need an immediate appointment. Send your inquiry to:

LADWP P.O. Box 51111 Los Angeles, California 90051-0100