How to Remove a Canopy Trim Ring on a Hunter Ceiling Fan

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You might have to remove the canopy from the ceiling fan for several reasons. You might want to install a remote control receiver; you might need to check electrical wiring; or you might have to disconnect the fan to remove it. You cannot do any of these unless you can access the screws on the canopy. Removing the canopy trim ring on a Hunter ceiling fan is a little bit of a trick. Stand in the right position and you can remove it.


Step 1

Climb a stepladder to reach the canopy trim ring at the top of the canopy where the ceiling fan attaches to the ceiling. The canopy covers the ceiling fan mounting bracket and the electrical box in the ceiling. The canopy trim ring covers the canopy screws to give the ceiling fan a sleeker appearance.

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Step 2

Feel the canopy trim ring to find the tab indicators. The tab indicators are small bumps on top of the two tabs.


Step 3

Press on the canopy trim ring with your fingers to the right and left of the tab indicators. Facing one of the tab indicators on the canopy trim, place your hands at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions on the trim and press in. The tabs will flex outward, allowing the trim to release from the canopy.



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