Installing Light Fixtures With No Ground Wire

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Installing light fixtures that have no ground wire is something that can be done by yourself. But check will all local building codes, because it may require a rewiring of your home to bring it up to date. Consider wiring the light yourself to save money on an electrician, and gain experience in electrical repairs for your home. Grounding the light will also make it safe for your family, because grounding will divert the excess electricity from a short into the earth. Electricity always follows the path of least resistance, and the ground wire acts as this path rather then you being electrocuted.


Step 1

Turn off the main power supply at the house breaker.

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Step 2

Twist together the white wire coming out of the wall to the white wire on the light; cap together by twisting the cap on clockwise. If the light does not have a white wire due to its age, then attach the white electrical wire to the silver screw on the fixture.


Step 3

Twist together the black wire from the wall to the black wire from the light and cap these as well. If your light does not have a black wire due to its age, then attach the black electrical wire to the gold screw on the fixture.

Step 4

Run your ground wire from the light conduit box to the nearest copper water pipe. The copper water pipe goes into the earth when it goes out to the main water source. This pipe will act as a ground and allows you to not have to drive a ground rod outside your house. If you have PVC piping, then you will need to drive a ground rod into the ground outside. Use your post digger and dig 8 feet down. Place your ground rod in the hole and backfill with the dirt you removed.


Step 5

Place the ground clamp on the copper water pipe or ground rod and tighten by turning the screws clockwise with your screwdriver.

Step 6

Insert the ground wire into the set screw of the clamp and tighten the screw.

Step 7

Attach the ground wire to the green screw of the light fixture. Your light is now grounded without having to update the circuit box or wiring.



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