How to Increase Amps in a Breaker Box

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Increase the amps in your breaker box by changing the circuit breaker box.

Increasing the amperage of the circuit breakers in your circuit breaker box shouldn't be done on a whim. The circuit breakers perform an important function in your home's electrical system by protecting overloads in the wiring. There are instances when increasing the amperage of a circuit breaker in the breaker box is a good idea. Finishing a basement, or other applications where you will have control over the wiring you'll be installing, are good examples.


Step 1

Consult with a qualified electrician before increasing the size of a circuit breaker. A circuit breaker that's too large can allow too much current to flow through inadequate wiring.

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Step 2

Turn off the power to the circuit breaker box at the disconnect box. This is usually located by the power meter. Flip the switch to OFF, then test a light or outlet in the house to make sure it actually is off.


Step 3

Remove the outer panel of the breaker box by removing four screws from the cover and pulling the metal cover off.

Step 4

Firmly pull the circuit breaker out of the box; no tools are necessary, just give it a firm pull.

Step 5

Take the circuit breaker to an electrical supply or home improvement store and buy the same type of circuit breaker in the correct amperage.

Step 6

Push the new breaker into the box by pushing it firmly in until it's seated in the box. Replace the panel and turn the power back on.



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