How to Anchor the Power Line to the Side of the House

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Getting the wire to the meter is the homeowner's responsibility.

Coordination with the power company is required to anchor the power line to the side of a house. A permit may be required, and the local building inspector may require the work to be performed by a licensed electrician. The power company makes the actual connection of the wire to the house, but the home owner is responsible for the installation of the anchor.The average do-it-yourself type can perform the task in about three hours.


Step 1

Find the meter base on the house. Verify if it has a mast or just a large cable coming out the top. Call the local power company to verify if it furnishes an anchor bolt for the line to attach to. Get a list of the specifications it requires for attaching a power line to a house.

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Step 2

Measure the diameter of the mast or conduit coming out of the top of the meter base to determine if it will meet the power company's specifications. Measure the height to 1 foot below the weatherhead to determine if the mast or conduit meets the power company's specified height.


Step 3

Place the ladder where it can be worked from safely, if there is no mast or conduit. Put on the safety glasses. Mark the spot for the hole to be drilled for the anchor bolt determined by the power company specifications. Using the drill and bit, bore a hole to match the size of the anchor bolt. Attach the anchor bolt through the hole to a solid part of the house using the wrench kit.

Step 4

Place the ladder where it can be worked from safely if using the conduit or mast for the power line attachment. Put on the safety glasses. Attach a conduit clamp to the conduit or mast 1 foot below the weather head using the wrench kit to bolt it around the conduit. Face the loop the power line attaches to in the direction toward the power pole.

Step 5

Call the power company to inspect your work and to attach the power line to the house.



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