How to Use a Cen-Tech Multimeter

Cen-Tech provides a a range of digital multimeter solutions for consumers and contractors working in the electrical industry. According to Kenneth Wills, an electrician with CONSOL Energy, the standard Cen-Tech multimeter will measure both alternating and direct current voltage, in addition to measuring resistance and amps. You will need to connect the probes to the correct jacks on the device according to the measurement you need to take and set the dial on the front of the multimeter to the correct measurement indicator.


Step 1

Connect the test probes to the Cen-Tech multimeter if you want to measure alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) voltage. Insert the short end of the red jack into the "10ADC" jack on the multimeter. Connect the short end of the black jack into the "COMM"on the multimeter. The long ends are the test probes you will use to test currents and resistance.

Step 2

Connect the short end of the red test probe into the "V(ohm)mA" jack, rather than the "10ADC" jack if you intend to measure resistance or amperage.

Step 3

Set the dial position on the Cen-Tech multimeter to "AVC" for measuring AC voltage or "DVC" for measuring DC voltage. Set the dial to "DCA" for measuring DC amps or "10A"for measuring AC amps. Set the dial to the Omega symbol to measure resistance in ohms.

Step 4

Place the metal ends of the test probes against the wire you need to measure and look on the digital screen for the measurement to register. Make sure you only hold the plastic part of the probe and refrain from touching the metal when taking a reading. If you don't, you may receive a shock.