How to Prevent Earthquake Damage

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How to Prevent Earthquake Damage. Earthquakes are natural disasters that many people face every year. Unfortunately people often fail to prepare themselves or their homes from earthquake damage. Being prepared will save you time and money in the event of an earthquake. Here are some easy steps to help prevent earthquake damage.

Step 1

Secure your belongings. The largest financial loss you can incur during an earthquake will be from falling objects and overturned furniture. Fasten objects that are fragile, costly or heavy to fixed furnishings. Anchor your heavy and tall furniture to the wall or floor to prevent them from turning over.


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Step 2

Put latches on cabinet doors and file cabinets. During an earthquake doors and drawers can come open. Place strong latches on your cabinet's door and file cabinets to keep them from opening and spilling their contents on the floor causing damage.

Step 3

Fasten your water heater and other appliances. Secure your water heater to wall studs. Anchor your appliances to the wall or floor to prevent them from sliding or falling over. Make sure that any appliance connected to a gas pipe has pliable tubing.


Step 4

Store hazardous materials in a sturdy place. Mixing or spilling chemicals can be dangerous. Make sure that any hazardous products are in their proper containers and stored in a cabinet secured to a wall with a strong latch.

Step 5

Keep fire extinguishers. Place them throughout your home in the event you need them. If a fire starts during an earthquake having a fire extinguisher nearby will help minimize the damage.



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