How to Hang Things on Vinyl Walls in a Mobile Home

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Mobile homes have wall boards that are easily damaged.

The walls of a mobile home are put up in panels with strips tacked between the seams. With no wooded studs behind these panels, hanging pictures and other items on the walls can be a challenge, especially if they are heavy. However, it is possible, with the help of some special hardware.


Step 1

Attach stick-on hooks to the wall for lightweight items such as small pictures. Pull the paper cover off the back of the hook. Press the hook against the wall in the location where you wish to hang the item.

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Step 2

Use thin-wall anchors. They will hold in walls that are from 1/8- to 1/4-inch thick. Drill a hole to 5/16 inches. Pinch the anchor sides together and push it into the hole. Push a nail into the anchor to open it inside the wall. Insert the screw that comes with the hardware into the anchor. Repeat process for the other side.


Step 3

Put small pieces of strong wall putty to the back of the item and press it on the wall. Some wall putty is made to hold up to movement, in case your mobile home is still truly mobile.

Step 4

Use interlocking adhesive strips that are designed to hold objects on walls. These strips are two-part hangers that adhere to each other after they are mounted. Place one set of strips on the back of the item you wish to hang. Hold the item to the wall to take note of where you want to place it. Mark the placement with a pencil on the wall. Attach the other portion of the strips to the wall. Allow the strips to adhere to the surfaces for a day. The next day, place the item on the wall, matching the adhesive strips together, and press to connect them.

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