How to Cut the Roller on IKEA Blackout Blinds

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The furniture store Ikea sells blackout roller blinds that you can cut to fit in your window. To get the proper width, you'll need to trim both the roller and the fabric of the blinds themselves. The process is not very challenging and should take less than an hour. Measure your window twice before cutting so your blinds don't turn out too narrow or too large.

Step 1

Measure across the width of the roller blind, along the top edge. Draw a line with the marker at the point on the roller that's equal to the width of your window. Also measure along the bottom edge of the blind and make a second mark at the point that equals the width of your window.


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Step 2

Unroll the blind completely. Draw a straight, vertical line connecting the marks on the top and bottom of the roller.

Step 3

Cut the excess blind fabric off using the scissors. Trim until you reach the top, where the roller is. The fabric of the blinds will still be attached at this point.


Step 4

Put on gloves and goggles for protection. Use a hacksaw to cut the metal roller away from the blinds. Cut the metal at the mark you drew, using straightforward motions. Once you cut all the way through the metal, discard the excess roller and fabric. Hang the blinds in your window using mounting hardware.



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