How to Shorten Roman Shades

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A roman shade will add a touch of style and elegance to any room. They offer clean, classic lines that are suitable to any type of décor. Approaching the problem of roman shades that are too long is not difficult. If you have roman shades that you love but they don't fit the length of your window, you can easily make an adjustment and provide some cost effective budget decorating.

Step 1

Measure the length of your window using the metal tape measure. Metal is the best choice for this type of measurement. A cloth tape may stretch and give you an inaccurate reading. Make a note of the length of your window.


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Step 2

Lay the shade out on the floor or a suitable working space, such as a table.

Step 3

Move the cords so you can stretch the shade out. Depending on the type of roman shade you are working on this might mean just pulling them to the side or untying them from the back.


Step 4

Measure one side of roman shade and mark it with a pencil or fabric marker. Mark the shade to match the length of your window. Then mark it again, adding an additional four inches. For instance, if your window length is 60 inches, mark the shade at 60 and 64 inches. Repeat this step on the other side of the shade, marking the correct length plus four inches.

Step 5

Lay the metal tape measure across the bottom of your shade so each end is slightly under your marks. Draw a straight line between the marks on both sides using the measuring tape as a guide. Only draw across for the lower measurement. Using the previous example, you would draw a line at the marks to measure 64 inches.


Step 6

Cut across the bottom of the shade, using the line you drew to keep straight.

Step 7

Fold the fabric of the roman shade up twice, until it reaches the desired length, using your marks on the fabric as a guide. Use a hot glue gun to secure the fabric on the back, creating a hem in your shade.

Step 8

Reattach the strings for the roman shade by sliding them over the hem or retying them.



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