Adding curtain weights to your draperies allows them to hang properly and also prevents them from fluttering much when a breeze comes in through an open window. Chain weights are inexpensive and available at fabric and discount stores. They are best since they provide even distribution of weight along the hem of the curtain. This type of weight does not cause wear and tear on the curtain bottom, as single curtain weights do. Adding the chain weights requires basic sewing skills and little time. It is best to add them before finishing the hem on homemade curtains, although you can add them to your existing curtains easily.

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Weights allow the curtains to hang in an attractive manner.

Step 1

Cut the chain weight to the width of the bottom curtain hem with a pair of sharp scissors. These weights are encased in a fabric tube and sold by the yard. The fabric holds the small metal weights evenly along the length of the tube.

Step 2

Cut a piece of the coordinating thread that is approximately 24 inches long. Insert one end of the thread into the eye of your needle and tie the two ends together in a knot.

Step 3

Sew up the end of the fabric tube where you cut it. This prevents the weight from slipping out. Use a running stitch to do this. Clip the threads and knot them before continuing.

Step 4

Place the chain up near the top area where you will fold up the curtain to form the hem. Position the chain weight so it is slightly below the area where you will sew the hem for the curtain. If you place the chain weight near the bottom section, the fabric may wear over time, from the increased friction as it brushes the floor.

Step 5

Sew the chain weight in place with the needle and coordinating thread. Use a basting or tacking stitch to do this. Once you sew the curtain hem in place it secures the chain weight.

Step 6

Fold up the hem and sew it into place in your normal fashion.