How to Build Your Own Rug Weaving Loom

Woven rugs can provide beauty and individual style to your home, but purchasing them at craft shows or home decor stores can be expensive. If you've always wanted to try weaving as an art form, build your own rug weaving loom and you can have decorative rugs all over your home for a low cost. Customize the look of your woven rugs to match your home decor, and make an eco-friendly craft by using leftover fabrics you have lying around the house.

Build your own frame-style weaving loom, and you can weave rugs without complicated and expensive equipment like this weaving loom.

Step 1

Cut four boards of scrap lumber or new lumber. Each board should be 1-by-2 in dimension; the length and width you cut your boards will determine the size of the rugs you can weave. For a standard size, cut two 4-foot lengths and two 3-foot lengths.

Step 2

Position your cut lumber on the floor or a large work area in a rectangle. Put the two 4-foot lengths parallel to one another and position the 3-foot lengths between them, at the top and the bottom.

Step 3

Nail the boards together at the corners. Two to four nails at each corner should give them a sturdy join. Nail the pieces so that the 3-foot boards slightly overlap the 4-foot boards at the top and bottom.

Step 4

Measure across the top of your loom, every 1 inch or so. Mark these points with a pencil. Repeat this step across the bottom of the loom, making sure that your bottom markings line up with the top markings.

Step 5

Use a drill to insert a screw into the wood at every pencil mark across the top and bottom. Let the screw heads stick out of the wood by 1/4 inch or so. These screws will hold your warp thread for your rug weaving loom.

Jessica Cook

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