How to Find a Slipcover for My La-Z-Boy Sofa

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La-Z-Boy brand sofas feature quality workmanship -- which means the sofa you bought 10 years ago may still be in great shape -- but it's no longer a design or color that you like or that goes with your decor. Solve the problem with a slipcover, an alternative to buying a new sofa or reupholstering.

The Dealer

Visit your local La-Z-Boy dealer or the company's website. The company does not presently offer slipcovers for its furniture, but check to see if that option has been added. Also talk with your local dealer for slipcover recommendations. The website can help you identify your sofa style and provides a number of useful videos related to care and maintenance of your La-Z-Boy furniture.


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Slipcovers Online

Type the words "sofa slipcover" into your favorite online search engine to browse slipcovers and prices. Note that the sofa's style is an important consideration in selecting a slipcover. For instance, a slipcover for a curved-back or camel-back sofa may require more fabric than a simple straight-back sofa. Sofa arms are another item to consider. Overstuffed arms may not fit into a standard slipcover if it is not made of stretchy fabric. The shape and number of seat cushions also make a difference in the slipcover that will fit.


When you are comparing slipcovers online, be sure to make fair comparisons that include coverage, fabric type and your personal style, in addition to price. Some slipcovers provide full coverage, while others only allow for partial coverage. Although they resemble slipcovers, these protectors do not completely cover the sofa.

Discount and Home Stores

While the slipcover selection at most stores is basic, you may find a quick solution to your slipcover problem by shopping locally. Check thrift stores and yard sales, too. Also, ask friends and family members for input if they have bought La-Z-Boy sofa slipcovers themselves.


Upholstery Shops

Your local upholstery shop may also make slipcovers. Search online or in a phone book for local upholstery professionals; then call to ask if they make slipcovers. If they do, take your sofa's measurements along with a photo of the sofa to them so they can provide an estimate for a custom slipcover.


Know Your Style

With so many types of fabric to choose from in slipcovers, be sure to buy one you like. Polyester microsuedes and jersey fabrics stretch to fit, but their texture may not be what you want. Both may snag easily on decorated pants pockets or pets' claws. Chenille may be cozy, but it can leave lint on clothing. Cotton twill and duck cloth are natural fabrics, but they have less stretch than polyester covers.


Keep your personal style in mind when selecting a slipcover for your La-Z-Boy sofa. For example, if you prefer a fitted look, don't choose a slipcover that drapes over the sofa. On the other hand, to give your old sofa a romantic, shabby chic-style look, a draping slipcover may be an option.



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