How to Hang Shower Curtains Without Using a Rod

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Level

  • 2 hook & eye screws

  • Clothesline cording

  • Scissors

  • Curtain rings, optional


Consider using a tension, or spring, curtain rod to hold your shower curtain if you want to avoid drilling any holes into the wall.

Shower curtains can set the tone for the style in your bathroom.
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Setting up a shower curtain in your bathroom not only keeps water from splashing outside of the tub area, but also makes a statement about the style and colors you prefer in your home. While a rod is often used to hold the curtain in place and keep the shower closed off, you don't have to use a curtain rod to hold up the shower curtain. To hang shower curtains without using a rod you only need an afternoon and a few basic supplies.


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Step 1

Measure up from the corners of the bathtub along the side where you want to hang your curtain. Mark a spot 79 inches off the floor directly over the two tub corners with a pencil. If there is low ceiling clearance, don't mark a line closer than 73 inches from the floor.

Step 2

Run the tape measure from one marked point to the other and check the tape with a level to make sure your marks are level. Measure, adjust and remark any points as needed to bring the level even. Check the distance between the points.


Step 3

Screw a hook eye screw into each of the two marked points. Add 1 foot to the distance between points from Step 2 and cut a length of clothesline to this length.

Step 4

Loop 6 inches of one end of the clothesline through a hook eye. Tie the 6-inch tail of the clothesline into a knot to secure it to the hook eye. Weave the other end of the clothesline through the holes or grommets in your curtain, if you aren't using curtain rings, until the line snakes across the entire curtain top.


Step 5

Loop the other end 6 inches of clothesline through the other hook eye. Pull the line as tightly as you can to add tension to the clothesline. Tie the end in a knot to hold the line snug. Attach the shower curtain to the line using curtain rings, if using them. Trim away excess clothesline tail.