How to Paint Marble Tile

To paint marble tile you must employ specific preparation and application strategies to avoid a finish that will chip and peel. Because paint doesn't stick well to marble tile, you must abrade the surface to promote adhesion. In addition, instead of applying a standard acrylic latex floor paint, you should coat the surface with a specific type of primer and paint to obtain a durable finish capable of standing up to a large amount of duress.

Abrade the marble tile to promote adhesion.

Step 1

Scrub the marble tile with soap. Rinse the surface thoroughly and allow it to dry before continuing.

Step 2

Abrade the marble tile by sanding it. Load a palm sander with 200-grit sandpaper, and sand the tile in a circular, clockwise motion.

Step 3

Cover areas you do not want painted with painter's tape.

Step 4

Screw the roller frame into the extension pole, and slip a polyester roller cover onto the frame.

Step 5

Apply a coat of oil-based primer to the marble tile, using the roller.

Step 6

Allow the primer to dry for two hours.

Step 7

Apply a coat of oil-based paint to the primed marble tile, using the roller loaded with a fresh, clean polyester roller cover.

Ryan Lawrence

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