How to Paint Mobile Home Cabinets

Since mobile home cabinets are typically made from a laminate or a wood product, there are a couple of options to be considered when painting them. Regardless of the method you choose, a new coat of paint on cabinets can make the entire kitchen appear updated, cleaner and quite aesthetically pleasing. A quick stop at your local home and garden supply or paint store will soon have you well on your way to transforming the look of your kitchen.

Step 1

Remove the doors and hardware from the cabinets with a screwdriver or power drill.

Step 2

Wash laminate cabinets. Wipe them down first with mineral spirits on a clean rag, followed by a 50/50 mixture of ammonia and water. Lightly sand wooden cabinets with fine-gauge--1,500 grit--sandpaper. Wipe away the dust caused by sanding with a clean paintbrush.

Step 3

Prime laminate cabinets with a coat of BIN primer. This will not only camouflage any markings on the cabinets, but will also help the color coat adhere to the laminate better. Apply the first coat of oil paint after the primer has been applied. Allow about two hours of drying time before applying a second coat. There is no need to prime wooden cabinets unless they have unsightly discolorations. Apply the first coat of paint to the wooden cabinets. Allow about an hour of drying time before applying a second coat.

Step 4

Apply second coats of paint to the cabinets. Allow either type, laminate or wood, to dry over night.

Step 5

Reattach hardware to the cabinet doors, and the doors to the cabinets, with a screwdriver or power drill.

Kimberly Ripley

Kimberly Ripley is a freelance writer and published author from Portsmouth, N.H. She has authored five books and hundreds of articles and short stories. Her work has appeared various publications, including "Parenting," "Writer’s Digest," "Vacations" and "Discovery Travel." She studied at the University of Maine and later pursued her writing studies through numerous classes and workshops.