How to Remove Spray Paint From Asphalt

When paint finds its way onto some surfaces, the removal process can be tricky. Certain surfaces like wood and drywall are dry and porous, qualities that lead them to soak up the adhesives in paint. Fortunately, if you need to remove spray paint from asphalt, you're in a much better position. Because asphalt is petroleum-based, it is relatively slick making it a poor surface for paint adhesion. Still, you will need to use care during the removal process, or you could damage the surface you are trying to save.

Scrape away the spray paint using a wire brush.

Step 1

Focus concentrated water pressure on the spray paint using a pressure washer. Start the washer on its lowest setting, and slowly increase intensity being careful not to damage the asphalt.

Step 2

Allow the asphalt to dry out completely.

Step 3

Pour a few drops of mineral spirits on the spray paint.

Step 4

Allow the mineral spirits to soak for twenty seconds.

Step 5

Scrape away the remaining spray paint using a wire brush.

Step 6

Rinse the surface with the pressure washer.

Ryan Lawrence

Ryan Lawrence is a freelance writer based in Boulder, Colorado. He has been writing professionally since 1999. He has 10 years of experience as a professional painting contractor. Lawrence writes for High Class Blogs and Yodle. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism and public relations with a minor in history from the University of Oklahoma.