How to Make a Plug in Lamp Turn on Using a Light Switch

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Powering your lamp by a light switch will make it easy to access the light source.

Some rooms lack an installed overhead light fixture. This is especially true in older dwellings. Instead, a lamp will often take the place of such a light. To avoid walking through a dark space to reach a lamp, resolve this problem, route the lamp so it can be controlled by the light switch. Besides convenience, a lamp often offers dimmer light than an overhead light fixture.


Step 1

Locate the power outlet that the light switch controls. Often the light switch will control an outlet in bedrooms, and sometimes in other rooms in the house.

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Step 2

Put the light switch in the room into the "Off" position.

Step 3

Plug the lamp into the power outlet that is controlled by the light switch. If the light switch is located in an awkward place in the room, plug the lamp into an extension cord long enough to reach the outlet.

Step 4

Flip the light switch into the "On" position, then turn the lamp on.

Step 5

Flip the light switch "Off" and the lamp will also turn off.



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