How to Make Your Own Primitive Silicone Light Bulbs

Silicone light bulbs can be expensive. You can spend quite a bit of money trying to fill all of your electric Christmas candles and primitive lamps. Silicone bulbs can be created in just a few minutes per bulb. Set aside one afternoon and you can make all you will need for a single season. Silicone bulbs are also popular sellers at fall festivals and country fairs. Primitive silicone bulbs can be shipped easily, making them appropriate to sell online as well.

Step 1

Test each bulb to make sure it works. Even if the bulb is new, you do not want to put work into a bulb and then find out it never worked.

Step 2

Warm the silicone before dipping. Heat an empty pan on your stove top to a warm medium setting. Turn the stove off. Lay a tube of silicone in the pan for three minutes. Remove the tube from the pan.

Step 3

Empty the silicone from the tube and squeeze the silicone into the throwaway bowl. Tap the bowl a few times to remove air bubbles, squeeze more in and tap. Do not stir the silicone.

Step 4

Wrap two turns of the florist wire around the metal part of the bulb. Leave a 2-inch tail of florist wire and clip. Bend the wire tail into a hook shape.

Step 5

Dip the bulb into the center of the bowl filled with silicone. Make sure the entire bulb is covered. but do not cover any of the metal part.

Step 6

Pull the bulb out of the silicone, using a twisting motion as you lift. This will help the silicone form a ripple-type pattern. For a smooth surface pattern, lift the bulb out without twisting. Go slowly and even slow down as the tip of the bulb emerges. This will help you create a long tip.

Step 7

Hang the bulbs spread out on the clothesline so they can dry for approximately three hours. Use the wire to hang it by. Do not touch the tip. It will lengthen as it dries.