How to Make Scented Drawer Liners

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Create scented drawer liners with essential oils.
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Do you ever get tired of having your clothes smell like your dresser drawer? Try creating your own scented dresser drawer liners. These liners will not only make your dresser drawers look like new, but they will also give your clothes a fresh just-washed smell.


Creating Scented Drawer Liners

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Step 1

Choose the paper you'd like to use in your dresser. Nice wrapping paper or decorative copy paper is ideal for this project.

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Step 2

Measure the inside of the drawer bottom you would like lined with the scented paper. Make sure to measure the length and the width of the drawer.

Step 3

Cut your paper to the desired size.

Step 4

Mix a water and essential oil mixture. Essential oil can be found in most craft sections of stores. Create the mixture using 40 drops ( 2 ml) of oil to 50 ml of water. If you are creating a larger solution, make adjustments accordingly. For example, for 1 liter (about 1.75 pints) of water, add 40 ml of oil.


Step 5

Pour mixture into a clean spray bottle. The spray bottle should be clean of debris or other scents. If other products have been used in the spray bottle, there is a chance that those scents will also be sprayed onto the paper.

Step 6

Mist the mixture onto your paper until completely damp. Do not saturate the paper liner. Saturation will cause the paper to take longer to dry and will also give the paper an oily residue.


Step 7

Hang your paper to dry on a drying rack or a clothesline. If a clothesline or drying rack is not available, place a towel on a counter top and lay your paper on top of the towel to dry. Drying time varies depending on how much solution was sprayed onto the paper.

Step 8

Place dried liner in your dresser drawer.



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