How to Find the Year of My Ridgeway Grandfather Clock

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Its classic design continues to attract consumers and collectors today. A Ridgeway grandfather clock is a treasured family heirloom and a striking timepiece that adds an attractive aesthetic to any room.

How to Find the Year of My Ridgeway Grandfather Clock
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The Ridgeway Clock’s Storied History

The famed clock maker actually began as a sofa maker. The Gravely Furniture Company opened its doors in 1926 with well-crafted bedroom, living room and dining room pieces as well as statuesque grandfather clocks. In 1960, the company moved to only producing the classic timepieces.


In 1985, Gravely Furniture was sold to Pulaski Furniture Corporation. This is where things can get confusing for some collectors. Pulaski began referring to only the majestic clocks as Ridgeway grandfather clocks. However, before the acquisition, Gravely had introduced the Ridgeway version of its grandfather clocks.

As of 2004, the Howard Miller Clock Company in Zeeland, Michigan has control of the Ridgeway grandfather clock production. Howard Miller, which also owns Kieninger, a German company that makes clock parts, changed the way the clock machinations were made during that time. The Ridgeway is the oldest grandfather clock that has been manufactured continuously in the United States.


How to Locate the Serial Number

With all that changing of hands and makers, the Ridgeway has had some changes over the years. The year that the floor timepiece was made denotes the Ridgeway clock's value.

There are a few places to check for the serial number. It may be on a plate or a foil label. The Ridgeway clock serial number can be difficult to locate, so be prepared to do some searching.


  • On the back of the grandfather clock is a plate that has a serial and model number.

  • It may also be on a foil label located on the clock's door. Swing it open and look for the label just inside the front panel door.

  • If there is not a front door that opens, check for the foil label along one of the inside rails in the interior of the clock.

Hidden Serial Numbers

If after much investigation you still can't find the serial number, you may have to look on the far back panel.


The serial number may be located along the inside back panel of the clock. This can be difficult to access. You will have to get down on your knees and look deep into the clock's inner workings. Be careful not to upset the weights or other parts of the clock while you are attempting to locate the serial number.

To access the back panel of the clock, face the front of the clock and find the left panel that opens for repair work or tuning. Remove the panel fully. This will allow you to look at the back panel and behind the movement of the clock. Use a flashlight to find the serial number.


Ridgeway Clock Serial Number

The first two digits of the Ridgeway serial number represent the year it was manufactured. For example, if the serial number starts with 93, it was made in 1993.

Conduct a Ridgeway or Howard Miller grandfather clock serial number search online if you are unsure about what the serial number means for your particular clock.


What Makes a Ridgeway Special

Collectors find the Ridgeway to be an excellent time keeper. If it hasn't been moved or adjusted, it will continue to tick away and keep good time. The chimes are charming and the craftsmanship superb. These well-made floor clocks with unique faces are cherished heirlooms.


It is so revered for its craftsmanship that the winner of the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series at Martinsville Speedway receives a Ridgeway grandfather clock.


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