How to Fix Gaps on the Couch Cushions

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Even cushions this thick will start to shrink over time, creating gaps.

Gaps between sofa cushions can occur even with the most expensive and well-made sofa over time. These pesky gaps are more than just an eyesore; they can be the reason that loose change, pens and cell phones get lost in couches. Gaps between cushions occur as the cushions lose their thickness and springiness, essentially shrinking in size. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this situation. It calls for placing new foam cushions inside the slipcovers.


Step 1

Measure the length and width of each cushion. Write down these measurements.

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Step 2

Lay a piece of upholstery foam that is 1 to 2 inches thicker than the thickness of your old cushions in front of you. Mark the dimensions you need it to be with a marker and a ruler. Cut it to those dimensions slowly with an electric knife.


Step 3

Cut a piece of batting that is twice as large as each foam cushion. Wrap the cushions in the batting and place them in the cushion covers. Once you lay them on the couch, you'll see there's no longer a gap.



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